GEO-CONSULT has been providing petrographic services to mining companies, exploration geologists and prospectors in all parts of the world for the past 20 years. Dedicated to excellence, the primary objective is to provide geologists with detailed, high quality petrographic reports, assisting them in their search for new ore deposits and in their re-interpretation of old deposits. Specialized in ore-related alteration and associated mineralization, including magmatic and volcanogenic massive sulfides, gold and other precious metals, rare earth (RE) minerals, and exotic minerals.

PETROGRAPHIC REPORTS will include microscopic examination of thin sections with transmitted and reflected lights, detailed description of mineralogy and texture, classification of rocks where possible, visually estimated modal proportion of minerals, and description of primary and secondary minerals and their paragenetic sequence. In mineralized samples, the genesis of ore will be estimated. All reports will include 2 or more photomicrographs of each thin section taken by a digital Leica cooled camera, a cd with file(s) and 2 hard copies of the report.

Some of the better known ore deposits and localities GEO-CONSULT has been involved with are listed below:


  • Santa Pancha, El Limon, Nicaragua
  • Diba & Kobokotosou, Mali, W. Africa
  • Morila, Mali
  • Bombore, Burkina Faso, West Africa
  • Tanlouka Gold, Burkina Faso, W. Africa
  • Massakama & Gourbassi, Mali
  • Amulsar deposit, Armenia
  • Sulphur Rose, Guyana
  • La Camorra mine + others, Venezuela
  • Mansourah Deposit, Saudi Arabia
  • Ar Rjum prospect, Saudi Arabia
  • Muruntau Mine, Uzbekistan
  • Kumtor Mine, Uzbekistan
  • Amantaytau mine, Uzbekistan
  • Kukuluma, Tanzania
  • Nyankanga, Tanzania
  • Geita, Tanzania
  • Carlin, Nevada
  • Tarmoola Mine, Australia
  • Wonder North, Australia
  • Fresnillo epithermal Ag veins, Mexico
  • Nuestra Senora mine, Mexico
  • Tybo West, Needles property, Nevada
  • Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • San Antonio, Mexico
  • Sonora, Mexico
  • Zacatecas, Mexico
  • San Francisco gold mine, Mexico
  • Tecomata, Durango, Mexico
  • Camorra gold mine, Venezuela
  • Penasco, Quemado silver, Sonora, Mexico
  • Cerro di Oro, Mexico
  • Blaffo Guetto gold, Cote D’Ivoire
  • Ivory Coast prospects
  • Pogo Deposit, Alaska
  • Copper Rand, Chibougamau
  • Dome Mine, Ontario
  • Cassiar, British Columbia
  • Kerr Addison Mine, Ontario
  • Red Lake Mine, Ontario
  • Madsen Mine, Red Lake, Ontario
  • Coldstream Gold, Shebandowan Belt
  • David Bell Mine, Hemlo + area, Ontario
  • Casa Berardi Mine, Quebec
  • Pamour Mine, Ontario
  • Homestake Mine, South Dakota
  • Portage Mine, Chibougamau, Quebec
  • Bousquet type prospects, Que.
  • Aquarius Mine, Ontario
  • Scadding mine (IOCG-type), Ontario
  • Knucklethumb Lake, Ontario
  • Sigma Mine- Lamaque Mine, Quebec
  • Rainy River, NW Ontario
  • Kirkland Lake, Ontario
  • Hercules Gold, Geraldton-Beardmore,On
  • San Nicolas, Mexico (VMS)
  • El Domo, Ecuador (VMS)
  • Kidd Creek Mine, Ont. (VMS)
  • Geco Deposits, Ont. (VMS)
  • Sullivan Mine, B.C. (SEDEX)
  • Broken Hill type prospects, Australia
  • Winston Lake Mine, Ont. (VMS)
  • Noranda mines Quebec (VMS)
  • Curipamba, Equador (VMS)
  • Sudbury Ni-Cu-PGE Deposit
  • Voisey’s Bay Ni-Cu, NFLD
  • Lac des Iles, Ont. (PGE)
  • Stillwater (PGE)
  • Lac Rocher, Quebec
  • Pedra Branca, Brazil (PGE)
  • Trout Bay area (PGE)
  • Bushveld, PGE, South Africa
  • Sechol Deposit, Guatemala
  • Dahenglu mine, China
  • Brazil lamproites
  • South Africa (eg. Pipe 200)
  • Kirkland Lake
  • Wawa, Ontario
  • Northwest Territories
  • British Columbia prospects
  • Cuajone mine, Peru
  • Toquepala mine, Peru
  • Escondida, Chile
  • El Salvador, Chile
  • Refugio mines, Chile
  • Rosemont Cu-Mo-Ag, Arizona
  • Kourki, Burkina Faso, SW Niger
  • Luz del Cobre, Mexico
  • Kitsault (Mo), British Columbia
  • Lone Pine Cu-Mo-Ag, British Columbia
  • Talc mines of Eastern Desert, Egypt
  • Steetley Talc (Ontario)
  • Strange Lake Deposit, Ontario-Quebec
  • Lofdal carbonatite, Namibia
  • (several publications dealing with RE minerals and REE)
  • Jeffrey Mine (Quebec)
  • Cassiar (British Columbia)
  • Munro Mine (Ontario)
  • Jabiluka, Australia
  • Elliot Lake, Canada
  1. Comprehensive petrographic data on the northwest Nipigon Embayment, Lake Nipigon Region Geoscience Initiative (LNRGI); Ontario Geol. Surv. Misc. Release-Data 141 & 156.
  2. Bruce nuclear site, Ontario: Detailed petrographic study of lithological units (potential repository for low and intermediate level radioactive waste).
  3. Churchill Falls Dam: Detailed petrographic analysis of eroded dam walls for restoration.
  4. Assessment (mineralogy, texture) for metallurgical testing of residual after feed / leach tests.
  5. Building stone evaluation for restoration of Ontario Government limestone buildings.
  6. Evaluation of materials used for road repairs.
  7. Laguna Verde, Lincabur volcano (Chile-Bolivia border): NASA samples
  8. Detailed mineralogy & petrochemistry of freshly drilled cores from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (represented Canada as an on-board scientist on two Joides Resolution cruises)
  9. Identification and the mineralogy of meteorites.